Sunday, October 28, 2007

It is hard to say what the bigger accomplishment is....

It really is hard to say what the bigger accomplishment is. Me making Delilah a bed, or me getting Delilah to actually get on the bed. In either case, both happened.

I am SO proud. I made this dog bed for Delilah. It was the second (and last) project from my sewing class. I was not able to get too much help because the class was only an hour and a half and in that time I could not even get that white cord all the way around the blue part. After several desperate calls to Mom and some real quality time with the seam ripper, it is done. Here it is.

The bed:

The dog by the bed:

The dog on the bed:

She actually dislikes the camera. That is part of the reason for the pitiful face. Of course once the camera battery died Delilah made her self comfortable and is sound asleep on the bed. More pictures of that later. I am so giddy!!!! Yeah that is right. Cheesy, but I made something and my favorite creature in the world likes it. Hooray!!!

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Di Mancino said...

Love your dog bed!
is it just two circles and an edging piece, looks like it, great job anyway.
Love your dog too. Looks like a spoodle which I have, she is 3 years old now,your looks real cute!