Thursday, January 31, 2008

Same idea, different cards

I thought I would play with the out on a limb set again. I needed a birthday card and a sympathy card. It felt a little odd using the same basic card for such different things, but it seems to work.

I really like the crackle background on the brown and red. The cards came out nice an soft. The twine and distressing seemed to bring it together.

Here is the birthday.

Here is the sympathy.

I hope you like them.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

To pretty valentines

I had so much fun making cards with the girls yesterday. I took my Cuttlebug with me. They were in love. I think they embossed everything that was not nailed down.

Here are two of the cards I made. It is a combination of target paper, SU pinks, and vellum. Very fun. I added some stickels and ribbon. I like them. I hope you do too.

Have the best week ever!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

I did not mean to make two happy thank you cards

Honest, I went to my stamping pile with the purpose of making a sympathy card. This is what happened. I made these two really bright happy cards that I will use for thank you notes this weekend.

I started out with this card because I thought if I made one happy card with the sketch challenge for the week, that would get me moving and I would make the sympathy cards. This card had a mind of its own and I was not able to use the original image in the middle that I stamped and colored. I did get to finally put some ink on this word on word hostess set, so that was fun. I like the card too.

Well, then I had this random happy butterfly image that I "needed" to use. That lead to some more cuttle bugging and lots of layer to create this little thank you note. I think it might still need something, so there is chance it will come apart and get some extra ribbon or stamping. Only time will tell.

The good news is that I am stamping with the girls this weekend. There will be six of us playing for about three or four hours. It will be fun. Look forward to great treasures to come.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Canada and blessings

I made two cards tonight. The first is a thank you note for a friend having me over for dinner. It is the perfect reason to use my really random Micheal's Dollar Stamps. I was digging through the bin and found these two Canada stamps. The first if of the country. The second is a version of the flag. I wondered if I would use them at first, then I realized I would find an array of reasons to get my $2 worth. Here is the first pass at using them.

The second card provided an excuse to use my new paper tray set. I used pallet hybrid ink and distressed the paper for the look I was going for. I wanted something soft and pretty. Nothing to perky. It is a simple blessings card for a friend that is having some health problems.

Hope you like the cards and have a great week!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Ramblings and Grumblings

This was good weekend. A little stamping, some exercising, some time with friends, and some work. All in all, it was a good few days. I got a new Pilates DVD. I must say that I have a few muscles I had forgotten about. Today they are reminding me that I have them :)

Since it was a day off today, I decided to get Delilah a bath. She was smelling like a dog and we cannot have that :) The dryer they use broke and she had to be blown dry by hand. The good news is she is really white and fluffy. The bad news is that she is beat from all the grooming and primping.

They put a clip in her hair. I managed to get her to let me take a couple of pictures before she worked it out of her hair. She was grumbling about that little clip the whole way home.

Here is Delilah in her full fluffy glory. She could barely muster the energy to go outside.

Hope you have a great week.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fun Frogs

I went to this really neat Stampin Up sale yesterday. Several of the local demos were selling their retired stamps. I picked up the Frolicking Frogs on a whim. I am so happy. They are really fun to play with. Here are the two cards I made.

They are both made with papers from a scrap booking pack I bought a while back. The stickers and papers are fun. I used SU markers to color the frogs and my tag punches for the tags. I also worked in some fun brads I had around. I think the happiness card will be a thinking of you card for a friend having a tough time. The savor card will go in my stash for a congratulations card.

Hope you like them and have some time to frolick this week :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Workshop Wonders

My demo had a workshop tonight. It was wonderful. There were great projects, great company, and great fun. Here are the projects.

I always show them to Delilah when I get home. Here she is checking them out.

Yep, she approves :) You cannot see the wagging tail, but it was going.

This is the first card I made tonight. I love this new stamp set. I forgot to write down the name, but it is GREAT. The colors are so nice. The metallic pencils are SO fun. What a pretty, pretty, look. Those things are like magic. I always love the cards I make with them. I might just have to crack and buy them soon.

We also made this brownie box. Too cute right??? The added touches with the gel pen make such a difference. Dee cut the circle for me. What a great demo!!! She helped with my bow too. Dee is the BEST!! The other ladies were jealous that I outsourced some of the key elements.

I have been in love with this elephant stamp since the demos online started giving sneak peaks. I was super excited to see it out tonight for a card. Isn't it cute. I also love that we learned to tie those cute bows.

I don't have a good close up of the little triangle box for Hershey's kisses, but it is GREAT. That stamp set is one of the new ones too and is super cute. Dee's daughter was helping us with that project and the first card I posted. She has the patience of Job with all of us. She is really wise beyond her years.

I must delve into the new catty tomorrow. So many treasures and I just got my paper copy. It is much better than the online version.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Playing again

Last week, I promised that I would stamp at least one night during the week. Tonight was the night. I did the sketch challenge on SCS and made another card. Both were made with some target paper, ribbon and chip board. Of course they were all Dollar Spot treasures. So much fun for so little money :)

I used my Gina K Whimsical Valentine set. I am really enjoying using these unmounted stamps. They don't take up much room at all and they stamp GREAT!!! I love the faces on the animals. Yep, these stamps made my really yucky day all better.

Have you have a great day!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

You can do it

No cards today. However, I had to share. On the quest for getting in shape, I broke out my "You Can Do Pilates" DVD. You know what? I CAN do pilates! No, it is not the best DVD or the hardest workout, but it taught me some basics. I will see if I can feel it tomorrow. The up side was that it was relaxing. After a hard work day and having to chase down Delilah because the yard people left the gate open, I needed it.

I do have a picture for you. My brother gave me a fake alligator for Christmas. If you are tempted to ask why, just remember the post a few posts back with the picture of Bubba the Gorilla that I got from my parents. These things just happen :) Anyway, Delilah loves the alligator. Here is a picture of the two them for your amusement.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a card making day. Have a great one!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Delilah thanks yous and Valentine Buzzzz

This Christmas, Delilah raked in a ton of gifts. I figured it was only right for her to send out thank you notes. I got three made tonight. It is hard to see, but I colored in the bones the little dog is holding to match the color of the bones the person gave her. The purple card is my favorite of the set.

I also got a start with my Valentines cards with this cute bee from Gina K. It was so much fun to color. I was getting tired, so I kept the card simple. They are fun though.

Have a great week!

BTW, another mile and a half walked today!!!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

What a week.

Work was so crazy this week, I did not get to stamp once. I realized last night that it might be part of the reason I did not feel good and was so cranky. I must be more careful in the future :) I did manage to get another 3 miles or so walked this week. That is good. Today, I spent the day hammering nails for Habitat for Humanity. The family was such an inspiration and so happy about their house. I am not a great carpenter, but I had a good day. It called for a shower and nap when I got home. Once I got up, managed to clean my stamping space some and get a few cards made.

I got some new stamps from Gina K today, so I started to break those out. These are from the Carlyn King, Collection 1. They are fun images. I need to work on coloring them some, but these quick cards will work for the stream of card needs this week :)

The first is a birthday card for Delilah's friend Jazzy. It might be that Cynthia just wants me to send her a card, but she emailed and reminded me it was Jazzy's 2nd birthday. So, I made a birthday card for that spunky little dog. Of course it is from Delilah :)

The next is a birthday card for a friend with a birthday that is tomorrow. The card will be late, but I will stamp a late birthday sentiment inside, so it is all good.

The last is for a friend that will be having surgery soon. I want to try and cheer her up a little. I know it is heavy on her mind.

Hope you like them. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy card for a thank you

There was a Gina K sketch for her release party that inspired this card. It was a good way to use this happy Target dollar paper and coordinating piece of chip board. It also was a good excuse to make a happy thank you note, and use my Gina K stamps.

It is a pretty simple card with a couple of layers, a little coloring with markers, and some stickles on the flowers. I ended up distressing the paper. I probably would have skipped that, but my cutter blade is dull and I was not happy with the crispness of the edges at first. I needed to even it up.

I hope you like it!

I am back on my exercise program. I managed to get two good workouts in last week and one minor workout moving a friends plants inside. Yesterday was a little more than I wanted. A friend of mine and I took Delilah for a walk on some local trails. We must have taken a wrong turn because our little 45 minute walk ended up being a 2.5 hour trek. The good news is I am not too sore today. The better news is that it takes my miles walked for the year total up to 10 miles. I am rewarding myself at 100. Stay tuned for the progress.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Soft birthday card

I have a friend with a birthday Saturday. I decided to use it as a chance to ink up a stamp that I had not used. It is from the Wreath of Roses set. I think it has been retired for a while, but I thought it was so pretty, I bought it over the summer. I used the Cuttlebug to emboss two of the layers. The top two layers are on dimensionals. I water colored the roses. In side is a simple script happy birthday and a small scroll of the same roses.

It was wierd tonight stamping alone tonight. I miss my mom as a stamping buddy. It was fun to play and make cards together.

Hope you all have a great day!