Sunday, September 30, 2007

Delilah is a dog and a pretty card too.

So those are clearly unrelated thing. First, the dog breakthrough. Delilah is more of a muppet than dog some days. She has never liked wind in her hair when we are driving. That is a big issue when the top is down on the car. She just crams her head down between the seats when we drive. Cute, but that cannot be comfortable :) Anyway, tonight, she stood up and put her head out the side of the car with her face in the wind. She had a big dog smile and was wagging her tail. She rode like that for about 30 seconds. Go Delilah!!!!

Anyway, it is the little victories in life that matter!

The other big task for me this weekend was making 4 cards for my nieces and nephew. I am sending some belated gifts and two gifts that are on time. The bottom line is that there is a gift for each of them, which you know is important. Anyway, some of the cards were super cute. One is for my nieces confirmation (very late gift). I really like the way it came out. It has layers of torn paper and is topped with velum. I always have trouble with the velum. I can never figure out how to attach it so you don't see the adhesive. I decided I would tie it to the decorative paper with ribbon. It turned out great.

The other card was for my little niece. I just really like the watercoloring on the bears. I am still learning, but it is fun.

The other two cards are not spectacular. However, those two will have the card tossed on the floor looking for the gift, so it is not a big deal :)

Well, that is it for now. Of to praise Delilah for being a dog. Of course now, she is growling at my bed, but that is a story for another entry.

Have a great day!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Highlights of the week

I figured that I better post something. I have been sick and resting A LOT. This week had some good things though. A friend of mine made the whole world better sending me these yummy soup mixes. They ROCK! I had part of the first one last night and will have more tonight. Happy dance for me. I also made by first postings to my card gallery. (Cynthia, if you are reading don't look. I have to mail your card and a picture of it is up. Now you will look for sure if you are reading.) Anyway, here is a link to my little gallery of cards.

I also finished some of the touches to my new crafting space. It is great having the space to store things and keep some of my favorite cards out.

As strange as it sounds for those that know me, having the stamping clutter out of my kitchen ROCKS!!!

Of course this would not be all about the dog if Delilah did not get a picture in here. Her hair is growing back after that tragic haircut.

Hope you have a great day!!! Of to make a birthday card for my little niece!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The first post looked so sad there all alone

I thought it needed a friend. So, what else to share. I was inspired to start blogging by the ladies on SplitCoast Stampers. Many of those ladies blog every day with AMAZING stamping creations. Do I think I will do that? Nope. I may get to the point where I post some of the treasures that I make, but don't get to excited about that. Remember, this is me and dog.

Speaking of the dog, she is currently sleeping at my feet. She is a little ticked that we did not go for a walk tonight so she is pouting. Poor dog. A good tummy rub should make it all better.

Have a great day!

My first post

So, I have been reading blogs and discussion boards for years and decided that I should have a blog too. What will I type? Who knows! Be sure there will be random ramblings from me and dog. Well, she does not have thumbs, so maybe just me for now :)

Hope you have a good day!