Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter fun

I hope you all had a good Easter. I hosted a little gathering this year. It was fun. Here are the cards I made for my guests. Super cute cuttlebug fun mixed with some Micheal's dollar stamps.

I only was able to get a good picture of one of the cards before the camera became goofy.

Hope things are good.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Three new stamps same paper

I have been really wanting to use my new stamps but I have been swamped with being sick, work, and cleaning for company. Anyway, here they are. All with some random decorative paper I found in my scrap bin. A cute thank you for a dinner with friends.

A wonderful card for a friend recovering from surgery (I swear that is a stray ink mark, not bird poop :).

And a happy hopper bunny to wish my little niece a happy birthday.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Two cards and a doodle

I finally made it up stairs to stamp after being sick for about two weeks. It felt so good that I made two cards :)

Both for a friend that has been ill. I am WAY behind sending them to her. She will be all well before I get things to her.

The first is my new fun pun stamps from SU. Love the whale. I think next time it will be better. I was having coloring issues tonight so I covered him up with glitter. Pretty cute though. I love rich regals blues. They are great with this stamp.

The other is simple and clean with a little bling. I like this hostess set with friend on it. I think I will use it a lot. Sometimes one word says it all doesn't it. The cuttle bug really added a nice touch as did the little rhinestones.

I just had to post this shot of Delilah. I had tossed the moose on her bed earlier in the day. When she went to nap she just curled up around him. Too cute. She has been a good dog taking care of me the last week or two. Today I took her for a short walk. We were both pretty happy.

Have a good day!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A quick happy card

I made this card a while back but never managed to get it posted. It was a quick and simple card for a young friend of mine. Very fun and bright. I really like the sliders with the bright ribbon.

I hope your day is bright and happy!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

This is what happens when I am sick for too long

When I am l trapped in my house for days, I have a tendency to get a little punchy. Poor Delilah, she was a good sport.

Here is the issues. I got to thinking the other day, maybe Delilah does not like riding with the top down on the car because of the hair in eyes. I know that I am happier with a hat and some shades on with the top down. So, I did want any compassionate (and slightly nutty) dog owner would do. I bought her a matching hat and glasses. They were pretty cheap and turn out not to fit well. However, the results were hysterical.

Here is the whole outfit.

I was pretty sure the glasses were to problem since they would not stay up without smashing hair in her eyes, but I wanted to be sure I tested one item at a time.

As you can tell, Delilah was not a fan of the glasses but will tolerate the hat.

I know that is not a truly happy dog, but look at the top of it. Her little ears come out of the top. Come on, that is cute!!!

Just so you don't think she is abused, here is a picture of a happier Delilah playing with the love bug a friend of mine gave her for Valentines Day.

Hope this brightened your day!

Finally a post

I have been swamped with work lately. I finally saw a light at the end of the tunnel. Then I got sick last week. I mean nasty virus with fever sick. Yuck. I am on day five of the fever. Ugggg. I am so annoyed. I must be a little better because I am board and annoyed. That is progress right???

My dog has been taking good care of me. However, the other night I fell asleep on the sofa. I woke up a few hours later and did not see Delilah on the floor where she usually is. I finally thought to look in my room. Here is what I found. Silly dog. I had to shove her over so I could sleep on the bed too.

Well, a little over a week ago I had a GREAT workshop at my demos. I cannot wait for my treasures to come from my order. However, here are the cute things we made.

The little box was fun. I think my goofy friends and I were taxing on poor Victoria (my demos daughter who was working to help up). They are really cute though. The candle was cute too. We had some rub on woes, but all lived.

I LOVE this blue birthday card. It was so happy. We used that spray thing with a SU marker. It always makes me laugh. I will never own one, but it is fun every once in a while.

This card is stunning in person. We stamped the butterfly on the paper and on vellum. We added some sparkling power on the vellum and embossed. So cute!

It was a really fun night. Two friends took up stamping. There were lots of laughs. It was GREAT!

More to come. It is time to go back to bed for now.