Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bellas are very fun to play with!!!!!

Surfing the various stamping blogs I have seen lots of interesting stamps, but none have quite the flare and sassy feel that Bellas do. At first, I thought they would be hard to use and/or hard to find uses for. After a while, I realized I really liked them and I liked the fact that it was a small business owned by a woman who was passionate about her products and business. There was free shipping so I decided to see if they were as much fun as they looked. Here are my first cards with them. I have to say I was having a bad day and by the time I was done with these cards I was all smiles. They are fun stamps.

The first is a belated birthday card. I like the stickles on the balloons. In terms they are really 3-D and cool. I also like the way the bella came out. I probably would note punch the flowers on the blue again, but all in all it is pretty cute.

The second card is for the girl that watches my dog for me. Sarah is all girlie girl. I think she will like it. It is a simple card with just a little paper piercing and some glitter. I still like it. I will probably use water color pencils next time to keep the detail in the stamp, especially in the stripes on the pants. Still it is a happy card.

The last is yet other thinking of you card for my friend that had heart surgery. At least the sending happy thoughts is a decent sentiment. I might have to put a note in this one to note that it is not your normal get well card for a 76 year old man, but I really wanted to use the stamps and clearly the girl in the ball gown would not be right :)

Hope you like these!

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My Paper World said...

They really look fun! Great cards, thanks for sharing!