Monday, November 26, 2007

Stinky pup

I picked up a stinky but happy dog today. She was covered in dirt but as happy as a dog could be. She ran and played a lot from what the kennel said. She was pretty much brown when I got her home. She played in the rain and that helped some :) Here area few shots of the sleepy but happy Delilah. Glad she is home :)

Yep, it is good to be back to just me and the dog. It was too quiet and still with just me here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Love my new toy

I realized tonight that I have a birthday card that has to go out in the morning. I traveled yesterday so I felt lupusy. It had to be quick. God Bless the Cuttlebug. Two papers through it and two quick stamps and I have a pretty card for a man. Happy day! I think Terry will love it. I am so glad I broke down and bought that machine. I am also happy the crank turns easily so it does not hurt my hands.

Off to bed. Delilah has been at dog camp (AKA the kennel) for 10 days. I miss her. It is so loney in the house without her. I keep looking for her when I come into a room and listening for her in the morning. I will retrieve her tomorrow though. Of course she will have to stay in her crate right away for work, but that is better than the kennel. I cannot wait to see her. I am sure you will see doodle pictures tomorrow.

Happy days!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

More mom and me cards

While Dad played golf, Mom and I made a few more cards. I am not in love with one of the sets I made, but we had fun. My loves her new eyelet setter. A whole world of possibilities. It was a good visit. I am back home now and looking forward to the next visit.

Here is a look at the cards.

These are Mom's. I like the flower card a lot.

This one is where she embraced the eyelets :)

Here are two of her other ones.

Here is a set I made with some of Mom's new paper. I am not sure if I like them or not.

Here are some with my new Gina K stamps with the super cute fish. They are so fun. It did not occur to me until Mom pointed it out that the fish should be on the bottom on bird on the bottom. Oh well, it was fun. I bought her some glitter glue and we tried it out. It was fun.

The other one is embossed with some holographic powder. It was really sparkly and fun.

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving week too!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mom and me day

I am visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. Mom and I worked hard today to get pies made and other prep for Thanksgiving done early so we could make some cards this afternoon. I brought home some of my new Gina K stamps for us to play with. We have several birthdays this time of year, so we made lots of cards. Here is the result of the work.

These are Mom's.

These are mine.

Mom was a little hesitant to let me post her cards, but look at them up close. They are so pretty. She always picks such pretty paper and pays real attention to the details. I love them.

Here is the one for my brother's birthday.

Here is the one she made for my sister-in-law's birthday.

Here is the one for my niece. She is going to be 16 next month. That is crazy! The card is so pretty for a girl.

Here are mine. The first is for my brother's birthday. I love this new Gina K stamp set. The pig is too cute.

This one is Gina K's wishing well set to benefit the Make A Wish Foundation. I used some designer paper then did some sponging to cover up the smearing.

These are part of my series of cards for my friend that had surgery. This little rat doctor and bunny is too cute. Can you believe I found it in the clearance bin for under a $1.50? That rocks.

The octopus is a nice way to remind them that I am happy to lend a hand.

Finally, this little kitty is just a cute happy card for them.

It was so much fun to get to stamp with my mom today. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Maybe it is just dog withdrawl but...

I know I just might miss Delilah who is at "dog camp" tonight but have you seen cute overload today????? The eyes on that lab and the little fluffy pup a few pictures down eating rawhide. Those are some cute pictures!!

OK, enough rambling. I hope there are cute things everywhere you look today!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

smore fall

I was inspired by two things tonight. A cool new package of paper and a post with a card that looked like it had a smore on it :) Anyway, this is the combination of cards that came out.

First, the fall cards. I love the colors here. It turned out that the designer paper is really going to let me get some pretty cards made. It comes in a bunch of useful sizes all in nice pads. It should be fun. I decided to use the cuttlebug to add some dimension too. Stem silhouettes seemed to be a good set to use to prevent things from being too busy. I made one a thank you and one a happy birthday. I have a feeling I will make a few more of these in the next day or so. I really like them.

This thank you already has a home for a dinner I am going to tomorrow.

The birthday card is destined for one of the many Thanksgiving week birthdays in my world.

These next cards were inspired by another blog called stampin' space.
I made two cards because they were so fun.

I used the basic idea to make another in the long series of get well/thinking of you cards. Since I was sick last week, I slacked on the cards. I thought I would get back into it for a while. I thought putting "smore cards?" was a cute way to do that.

The other is a take on the holiday "Let it Snow" cards. I live in the south where it does not snow, so I decided that I would put "Let it Smore". My sister-in-law loves chocolate so I might send it to her. They are in the mid-west where fall is here, so she might find humor in it. (Unless it has started to snow by then.)

Hope you like them!

Friday, November 9, 2007

More wonders from Dee's House

So tonight was stampin up club. Again, Dee and her daughter created a great experience. I even brought a friend who is an unexperienced stamper and she loved it. My demo's daughter is wise beyond her years and very talented. She is so good at getting a new stamper and any confused stamper through the meeting. It is a great group of people.

Anyway, on to the three killer projects. Here is the whole grouping.

The firs project was the blue card. I made mine a birthday because I have a couple of special people with Nov / Dec birthdays. We embossed white on a glossy paper and then did a marbling technique on top. A quick pass with the heat tool and it was an awesome card!!! She designed it to be Christmas, but let us make it a birthday if we wanted.

Next we made these ornament cards. I think Dee totally changed the card because she knew that I liked to aqua paint with embossing. Isn't it pretty??? I messed up a little, but I love the idea.

The last project was a paper star. She did this because one of the ladies was in love with these stars. I am glad. They were pretty cool, but I was beat. I named my Vernon for reasons I cannot explain. I think I will try it again sometime when I am more awake.

So, can you tell it was awesome? I did some shopping for stamping stuff for Christmas gifts. I was the hostess, so it was like buying something for me too. Oh, wait, I did use my credit for me :) Happy stamping dance for me.

On other news, Delilah got a haircut today. She has eyes again!!!! They are pretty sleepy though. A day at the doggie spa wears her out. Her are a couple of shots anyway.

In this one, it is clear she is not in the mood to pose for the pictures.

Have a good weekend. I hope there is more stamping to come!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stamp a Stack Treasures

My Stampin Up Demo rocks. She is a wonderful person and makes great projects for us. One of my favorite things to see in my email box is that she is having a Stamp A Stack. It makes me do the happy stamping dance every time. Saturday was the big day. It was a small but mighty group. Here are the treasures from the day.

First the group shot of all the cards. Aren't they pretty? I bring them home and spread them out to look at them. I always feel so accomplished.

Here are the individaul pairs. I love this marble effect that we did on these two with reinkers and alcholol. I had really thought about this set for Christmas. While I did not use it for my big set, I cannot wait to see who gets these two special ones. My bow tying is not a reflection on my demo. Any bow issues are my own :)

These two cards were fun. It never occurred to me to emboss on cards then water color. It is so much easier to keep the water color from bleeding and the cards look great! I will have to do that at home. My friend Christy suggested we make some thank yous. That was brilliant. These two are ready to go.

The day just kept getting better. I am in LOVE with these two cards. I don't know if I will give them both away, I love them so much. They are stamped then the whole image is embossed. They are amazing in person.

If these six were not enough, at the next table there were even more treasures to explore. This was fun. I have seen it on splitcoast but never tried it. We stamped on vellum then flipped it over and colored the back. My hands were hurting so my coloring is not the best. They are really cute. My super demo could tell my hands hurt so she punched the stars for me and I just got to assemble them. It was fun.

We also did these modified buckle cards. I picked Santa and the snowman to do. They are so cute. A little glitter and some coloring. It rocked!!!! I could have put something on the background of the cards, but I was a little tired and thought I would go with clean and simple.

So that is my stamp a stack day. Aren't you impressed? Don't you wish you had a demo that rocked as much as mine? It was a great way to spend the morning.

Sleepy weekend

It was a lupus weekend here, so I basically slept. Delilah, being the great dog she is did the same. I cannot tell you how happy it made me that she picked her new bed to be her favorite spot. She is so cute cuddled up on the bed. It makes all the sewing trouble worth it! Here are some pics.

Preparing to nap.

Falling off the bed napping.

I wonder if she is looking at me under all that fluff?

Yep, that is one comfy dog.

Now that you have endured my doodle pics for the day, I should tell you that I went to a stamp a stack Saturday. It was fantastic. I only was awake for a few hours that day, I could not think of a better way to have spent the limited energy. I checked with my demo to see if I can post pics of the cards. They are great, but I was not sure of the protocol on posting cards I did not make all on my own. Stay tuned for more on those cards.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Tags, pockets, blessings and happiness

Tonight was a good card making night. I was a little intimidated when I started. I had the daunting task of making a birthday card for my stampin' up demo. Even more daunting is the fact that I will give it to her at a Stamp-A-Stack where others are likely to see it. I did it though. Not only did I make one I liked, I made a second one for my friend that I have made all the get well cards for. He is doing better and this card is a nice way to count those blessings. Here they are.

Here is a closer look at the birthday card. It has two pockets. I cased it off of a card I saw on splitcoast. Mine is pretty different, but the layout is close. I really like it. It is Stampin' up designer paper, always artichoke (I think), bravo burgundy, and Sahara sand. Same inks, some eyelets, and twine. I did some sponging to distress the paper and tie it together. The stamps are stampin up too.

The second card is a set from the winter mini and more of the same papers and inks as above. It is a single pocket. Simple and very pretty. It is a nice way to my friends progress in recovering from surgery. I know they see each set forward as a blessing.

After two pretty cards with muted colors, I went bright, happy, and girlie for the third card. It is a thank you for my friend who sucked me into sewing classes and has loaned me her lovely as a tree set to make a ton of cards. She is the best as the card says. Since it does not have to be mailed, I decided to add some metal to it. I had the binder clips that matched perfectly. A little ribbon, some target dollar paper, cool caribbean paper, a bella, and some stickles and it was pure fun. I think she will like it. She has not see the bellas before so she will likely be borrowing them soon :)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Maybe it is just time for a change

I decided that with Oct. over I would go back to black. Maybe I needed a change. Maybe I am grumpy because of my lupus flare. Luckily, I have Delilah to keep me company when I am home sick. God bless the dog!!! I feel a little bad canceling everything for a few days. My poor dog needed that haircut. Oh well, I love that scruffy puppy but hair can wait and work can be done online.

Hope you have a great day! More creativity to come.