Friday, August 15, 2008

All the details

Ever have one of those weeks where you want to curl up in bed and pretend the world will go away??? That has been mine. I decided some stamping therapy would help tonight. It did :)

So my mom's best buddy has the same birthday as my dog. Mrs. R. is pretty fun loving so we pick on her about it quite a bit. I decided that this year I would send a card from Delilah and I. I actually really like the way it turned out. It is pretty simple but the embossing and dots on the ribbon seem to tie it together well. I added a little stickles on the candle for some shine. I wanted it to be from the dog too, so I added a little bone brad at the top of the otherwise pretty card. Inside I wish her a happy birthday but divide her age by 7 (sort of like we multiple a dog age by 7 to figure out their comparative people age). I guess great cards are all in the little details.

Last year I made my sister-in-law a whole box of cards for Christmas. She loved it and tells me all the time how she is using them. She also has started hinting that she wants more. I decided to start early this year so I would not be scrambling at the end when I am trying to grade finals, shop, make and mail Christmas cards, etc. Here are the first four of the year. I am not positive what occassion they are for, but she will find a good use.

BTW, then I came down stairs to take pictures of the cards, I busted Delilah who decided my bed was better than her own :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sometimes you just need to make your own card

There are times when only a homemade card will work. For example, Hallmark does not make a "Sorry my dog ran through your screened" card. Delilah did just that the other day. There is a big doodle size hole in my friends screen out back. I was mortified. Delilah has no idea she did it. I made this card to mark the occasion and deliver the Lowes gift card we bought to pay for the damages.

Also, her dog sitter did a great job staying with Delilah last week so I made her this card.

Finally, I had a baby card. Nothing too original here. Just a cute little baby card.

Hope you are having a good day!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sleeping doodle

Today Delilah went to get a bath. The groomers put little bows in her ears. Normally she has them out in minutes. Today she has not cared. Here is the sleepy doodle.

I was playing with my new camera last week and took these too. You will see by the end, she was totally done :)

Pun Fun!!!!!

I am learning to use orderless mineral spirits and the new colored pencils I have. Love it. I thought I would start with some fairly simple images and work up. Here is the first pass with my pun fun set. Hope you like them. The were all pretty simple cards, but really fun to make.