Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

It is almost new year. I hope that in 2008, you keep all your resolutions.
I hope you and your family are blessed with good health and happiness.
I hope you have a few happy surprises too.

Happy new year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Time with the Christmas Gifts

Tonight, I decided I would only use the things we got mom for Christmas. This was in part because I don't have them when I leave and in part because they are cool. Before I share the cards, I wanted to share one of my gifts. I got a framed picture of Bubba. Bubba is this big mechanical gorilla that stands on the corner in my home town by the vacuums cleaner store. They dress him up for various holidays. He is pictured here in his Christmas outfit. He is pretty ragged and ugly, but I used to beg my Mom and Dad to drive by there when I was growing up. Do you have these sort of odd landmarks where you grew up?

Enough of Bubba. Here are the cards. My mom was doing Valentines Day and I was playing with some designer paper. Here is the set.

Here are closer views of Mom's.

Here are mine. The first is a birthday card.

The second two are some flowers I made with the oval punch. It was fun. I used the crop-a-dile to punch the whole through all the layers and once and add the brad. It was pretty easy. I like the way the came out. The ink is all mellow moss.

Hope you have a safe and happy new year.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another set for the box of cards and more

So I guess I got used to making tons of cards for my SIL. Today, I sat down and decided I would see how many card I could make out of two sheets of designer paper from the Target pack I bought last week. It turns out 10 is the answer. I could have probably squeezed out one or two more, but I lost steam :) I like them. They are mostly Garden Whimsy and Short and Sweet stamps. There are are a few miscellaneous dollars stamps and another random set thrown in. The ink is all certainly celery. There is a little white ribbon and some flowers on the cards. The little flowers are also Target Dollar Spot finds from earlier in the year. The paper actually looks prettier in person. My photo editing software and I were not getting along today. She and my brother are coming back in on Monday. I might give her these to add to her box of cards. If I pull two out of what I have done this week to go with them, that would give her 75. That sounds like a good number :)

Here are the two cards Mom made. I really like the happy birthday card. Simple and cute. It is from little hellos.

The other card is a thank you mom made with her new oval punches. You know that really happy feeling when you get it all lined up and the stamp in the right place? It was fun to watch.

Hope you have a good day!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Many ways to say thank you

The stamping mania continues. Dad was doing other things tonight so mom and I took out the treasures to stamp. All but one of the cards are thank yous. Mom and I both have several to send out. Here is the set of all the cards.

This pink one Mom mad is my favorite of the evening. Isn't it pretty?

I pulled out my Gina K stamps for two fun ones. The first is fish.

The second is sheep. I love the sheep card. So simple. I cut an extra lamb out and put it up on dimensionals.

I took out the target designer paper to make this set. FYI, this was in the Dollar Spot with the Valentines day stuff. I LOVE this paper. It is a little thin, but the patterns are great.

Mom made a more manly thank you too.

Here is the one non-thank you card of the night. I simple but pretty birthday card made by Mom.

Hope you like it. Can you tell we are having fun? I think we will both have our stashes replenished soon :)

Have a good day.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Playing with new stamps

Mom and I checked out the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby :) We each found a few. We also thought we would play with her new sets from Christmas. Here are the results.

I really like my new mouse stamps. One is perfect for birthdays.

The other can probably be used for an array of things. I made one a thank you and the other a general card.

I also played a little with Mom's Garden Whimsy set. It makes pretty soft, girlie cards.

It also makes a nice bright card too.

Mom made several cards too. Of course Garden Whimsy was on her list to use.

This might be my favorite of the night.

So was her new birthday cake stamp.

In case you wonder what dad does while we stamp, here is a shot. He just hang out until we show him the cards, then he says they are great. (Mom trained him well. :) )

Hope you like them.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

She loved them - Christmas comments only stampers will appreciate

So for the last few weeks I have been posting tons of cards for Christmas and even more for my sister-in-law. Well, I gave her a box of 63 cards. (I know, random number but sometimes that is life. :) ). She loved them. She looked at each one of them cards. I even heard her on the phone with one of her sisters talking about them. All the work was totally worth it! I even found a great fabric covered box and Hobby lobby for them.

Mom loved her stamping stuff we gave her too. I think you will see some cards made with her new oval punches, short and sweet stamps, and garden whimsy. We also gave her soft subtle inks. My brothers were perplexed as to why these were great gifts. I told them to just write a check :)

All in all, very happy except for one stamping tragedy. I forgot to send a stack of my cards. I just saw them in my room :( I will be sending those soon.

Hope you and your family had a great holiday too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cards for Three Seasons

Well, tonight I made the last cards for my SIL's box of cards. Mom made her Valentines Day cards (or at least some of them).

Here is the whole pile.

Here are mine.

Here are Mom's.

Here are closer shots of Mom's.

Here are my beach themed cards with my Gina K stamps. They are among the final cards for my SIL.

Here is my final set of Christmas Cards. They will most likely go in SIL's box too.

Hope you have a happy holiday.