Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stamp a Stack Treasures

My Stampin Up Demo rocks. She is a wonderful person and makes great projects for us. One of my favorite things to see in my email box is that she is having a Stamp A Stack. It makes me do the happy stamping dance every time. Saturday was the big day. It was a small but mighty group. Here are the treasures from the day.

First the group shot of all the cards. Aren't they pretty? I bring them home and spread them out to look at them. I always feel so accomplished.

Here are the individaul pairs. I love this marble effect that we did on these two with reinkers and alcholol. I had really thought about this set for Christmas. While I did not use it for my big set, I cannot wait to see who gets these two special ones. My bow tying is not a reflection on my demo. Any bow issues are my own :)

These two cards were fun. It never occurred to me to emboss on cards then water color. It is so much easier to keep the water color from bleeding and the cards look great! I will have to do that at home. My friend Christy suggested we make some thank yous. That was brilliant. These two are ready to go.

The day just kept getting better. I am in LOVE with these two cards. I don't know if I will give them both away, I love them so much. They are stamped then the whole image is embossed. They are amazing in person.

If these six were not enough, at the next table there were even more treasures to explore. This was fun. I have seen it on splitcoast but never tried it. We stamped on vellum then flipped it over and colored the back. My hands were hurting so my coloring is not the best. They are really cute. My super demo could tell my hands hurt so she punched the stars for me and I just got to assemble them. It was fun.

We also did these modified buckle cards. I picked Santa and the snowman to do. They are so cute. A little glitter and some coloring. It rocked!!!! I could have put something on the background of the cards, but I was a little tired and thought I would go with clean and simple.

So that is my stamp a stack day. Aren't you impressed? Don't you wish you had a demo that rocked as much as mine? It was a great way to spend the morning.

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Melanie aka Batgirl said...

thanks for commenting on my gallery! I just use my china cabnet for my pics :) have a great night!