Sunday, November 25, 2007

Love my new toy

I realized tonight that I have a birthday card that has to go out in the morning. I traveled yesterday so I felt lupusy. It had to be quick. God Bless the Cuttlebug. Two papers through it and two quick stamps and I have a pretty card for a man. Happy day! I think Terry will love it. I am so glad I broke down and bought that machine. I am also happy the crank turns easily so it does not hurt my hands.

Off to bed. Delilah has been at dog camp (AKA the kennel) for 10 days. I miss her. It is so loney in the house without her. I keep looking for her when I come into a room and listening for her in the morning. I will retrieve her tomorrow though. Of course she will have to stay in her crate right away for work, but that is better than the kennel. I cannot wait to see her. I am sure you will see doodle pictures tomorrow.

Happy days!

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