Friday, November 9, 2007

More wonders from Dee's House

So tonight was stampin up club. Again, Dee and her daughter created a great experience. I even brought a friend who is an unexperienced stamper and she loved it. My demo's daughter is wise beyond her years and very talented. She is so good at getting a new stamper and any confused stamper through the meeting. It is a great group of people.

Anyway, on to the three killer projects. Here is the whole grouping.

The firs project was the blue card. I made mine a birthday because I have a couple of special people with Nov / Dec birthdays. We embossed white on a glossy paper and then did a marbling technique on top. A quick pass with the heat tool and it was an awesome card!!! She designed it to be Christmas, but let us make it a birthday if we wanted.

Next we made these ornament cards. I think Dee totally changed the card because she knew that I liked to aqua paint with embossing. Isn't it pretty??? I messed up a little, but I love the idea.

The last project was a paper star. She did this because one of the ladies was in love with these stars. I am glad. They were pretty cool, but I was beat. I named my Vernon for reasons I cannot explain. I think I will try it again sometime when I am more awake.

So, can you tell it was awesome? I did some shopping for stamping stuff for Christmas gifts. I was the hostess, so it was like buying something for me too. Oh, wait, I did use my credit for me :) Happy stamping dance for me.

On other news, Delilah got a haircut today. She has eyes again!!!! They are pretty sleepy though. A day at the doggie spa wears her out. Her are a couple of shots anyway.

In this one, it is clear she is not in the mood to pose for the pictures.

Have a good weekend. I hope there is more stamping to come!

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Paula said...

Awhhh, these are all too toot!!
And I just love that last photo of Delilah :D